HighProfits Traffic

What is High Profits Traffic?

High Profits Traffic is an arm of High Profits that specialises in traffic – highly targeted and high converting traffic…

Over the years, the High Profits team have used Google AdWords, Direct Mail, email marketing, banner advertising, solo ads, media buying and more recently high volume traffic purchases.

It’s this experience and knowledge that you are plugging into right now.

We don’t sell traffic that we haven’t tested ourselves.

We test traffic with our own money… BEFORE we add this to what we call the ROTATION.

The rotation is simple.

We buy high volumes of traffic from media buys, solo ads and traffic purchases.

The clicks are then rotated amongst our clients and traffic buyers – relating to their offer and the banner and email swipe that we use.

This way, we are able to deliver highly targeted traffic and negotiate discounts based on large scale purchases.

To start buying traffic today, complete the form below.

We will then get back to you with a cost estimate and expected lead time for delivery (very much depends on your starting volumes).

Our traffic is high quality, but we always recommend that you start small, test and then increase volumes once you see the traffic working.

This is also good for cash flow and helps us to build and maintain long-term traffic buying clients.