Calling all CPA affiliates – the best conversions and the best payouts are here!

HighProfits is pleased to announce two new CPA (cost per action) products to the affiliate program…


incomeeliteThis is one of our top converting products, and as well as offering the regular affiliate deal where you earn recurring revenue, we are also offering you the option to earn a CPA of up to $50 per sale!

Customers of IncomeElite are offered 2 prices to increase conversions – $4.95 and then a lower $2.95. The CPA is paid as soon as the member completes this payment – there is no waiting for any re-bills for your commission.

With its custom-built landing pages, designed specifically to convert CPA traffic, IncomeElite converts at 1/35 (or better!), giving an EPC of $1.43!

IncomeElite boasts a big choice of banners and resources, and 3 different landing pages – with the option to add more for high-performing affiliates.

This offer is available on application only – please contact if you wish to promote IncomeElite on a CPA deal.

Example landing pages:

Landing page 1
Landing page 2
Landing page 3


genuineincomestreamsAvailable to all affiliates of HighProfits, GenuineIncomeStreams pays a CPA of $20 per sale. The joining fee charge to a customer is just $2.95, and with a solid-performing sales page, this is a greater lower-end CPA offer that will be sure to make you an awesome return on your investment!

GenuineIncomeStreams offers a great selection of resources and materials, and we can custom build landing pages and more resources for high-performing affiliates.

GenuineIncomeStreams sales page

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